“Design with Vision”

Morrissey Design LLC is an award-winning interior design boutique and environmental branding practice located in Philadelphia. Established in 2010, our team takes design to a higher level. Our talented designers and artists strive to surpass our clients’ conceptual expectations by combining their desires with our own expertise for maximum impact and workable, fluid spaces.

The diverse professional and personal experiences of our team members offer a tapestry of branding expertise, design know-how and vision, and creative talent. Our practice is led by founder James M. Morrissey, who remains a principal of the interiors practice, responsible for setting creative vision, while also contributing to partner company, M Architecture, and its integration of architecture with interiors.

Our work represents a vast range of experiences from European urban design to high-end Miami residential and commercial spaces; from East coast boutique commercial projects to luxurious home interior design. Morrissey Design is excited about expanding its work in the hospitality industry, and has already amassed an impressive list of restaurants, cafes, lounges and other culinary projects in Philadelphia and the Mid-Atlantic region. In addition to restaurant interior design, the firm specializes in sustainability, office design and a diverse collection of culinary projects.

We’ve earned recognition for compelling, contemporary interiors for commercial, hospitality,
institutional, educational, and residential clients. But most importantly, we’ve built long-term
relationships with clients who trust our process and value the fact that we’re like no other design practice anywhere. We’re flexible, energetic and attuned to our clients’ every need. The results speak for themselves – interiors and branding that attract attention and are both comfortable and empowering.