“Turning Ideas into Reality”

M Architects LLC, founded in 2017, is the architectural partner practice of Morrissey Design, LLC. James Morrissey joined forces with architect partner Jason Christiansen to provide full-service licensed architectural design in several states throughout the Eastern U.S. Clients appreciate our thoughtful approach and respect for budget, constructability, sustainability, and site. We have the vision and technical skill to execute the most complicated projects, and we meet every challenge with enthusiastic commitment to the task. Our timeless, modern architecture reflects the personalities of our clients. Our team brings its creative vision to both the architectural solution and the graphic presentation materials that are so critical to building community support, attracting tenants, or securing funding. We value our role as each clients’ partner to bring their vision to reality. This is why we provide comprehensive construction administration – by architects who have hands-on building skills – to oversee the myriad of moving parts of the process and to keep projects on schedule, on budget, and on point!